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The ultimate app for Amazon Flex drivers! Say goodbye to endless tapping and swiping.

Key Features

FlexRiders is designed to transform the way you find and claim Amazon Flex offers, giving you the power to manage your schedule with ease. Unlock your potential and drive success with our user-friendly tools.

Auto-Refresh for Block Hunting

Effortlessly secure blocks without constantly pushing the refresh button. FlexRiders automates the process, freeing up your time and energy.

Customizable Schedule & Location

Choose your preferred working days, hours, and warehouses for a tailored work experience. FlexRiders helps you design the schedule that works best for you.

Advanced Settings & Flexibility

Unlock a world of possibilities with our advanced settings, allowing you to fine-tune your FlexRiders experience to meet your unique needs.

Unbeatable Support & Pricing

Experience top-notch customer support, weekly payments, and affordable prices. FlexRiders is available worldwide, making it the ultimate choice for Amazon Flex drivers.

Super Simple. Super Fast.

Experience lightning-fast block-catching like never before! FlexRiders is designed for speed, efficiency, and simplicity, empowering you to secure Amazon Flex shifts in a flash. Don’t miss a beat with our streamlined app, where performance meets user-friendliness.

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Connect Amazon Flex

Seamlessly integrate FlexRiders with your Amazon Flex account, providing a smooth and easy setup process. Get started in no time and take your Flex experience to the next level!.

Make Your Own Preferences

Tailor your FlexRiders experience by setting your preferred working days, hours, and warehouse locations. Customize your app settings to match your unique needs, ensuring an optimized Amazon Flex journey.

Start Catching Blocks!

Activate FlexRiders and watch as it effortlessly captures Amazon Flex blocks for you. Enjoy a stress-free experience as the app works its magic, securing shifts while you focus on what matters most.

What People are Saying

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FlexRiders is your power tool for Amazon Flex driving. This app automates block hunting, boosts earnings, and balances your work-life rhythm, all in a secure, efficient package. It’s less searching, more driving – welcome to the FlexRiders revolution!

Your safety and trust are paramount to us. While using FlexRiders, rest assured that we take multiple measures to keep your account safe. Our app operates within ethical and responsible boundaries to avoid any red flags. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to adjust the refresh rate, ensuring your usage aligns with Amazon’s policies. With FlexRiders, you’re in safe hands!

FlexRiders is available for download on both Google Play and Apple Store. Whether you’re an Android or iOS user, you can now experience the thrill of FlexRiders. Simply head to your respective app store and download today. Stay tuned for more updates and features as we continue to expand and enhance our platform. Happy riding with FlexRiders!

To begin your FlexRiders journey, simply follow these steps:

  1. Sign up to enjoy a complimentary 3-day trial.
  2. Connect your Amazon Flex account via the ‘Credentials’ screen. Remember, once linked, your Amazon Flex account is exclusive to this specific user profile – logging in via a different user will result in an error.
  3. Set your search preferences – pick your preferred warehouses, set your minimum hourly rate, choose your working days, and more.
  4. Start hunting! If at any point you wish to forfeit a block, simply navigate to the ‘Forfeit Block’ screen.

Embark on a smarter, more efficient driving experience with FlexRiders today

We support both Google Play and Apple Store’s subscription methods, offering you secure, card-free payment solutions. Whether you’re an Android or iOS user, just subscribe via Google Play or Apple Store, and you’re all set to use FlexRiders without restrictions every week. Make sure you’re using your subscribed account – either Google Play or Apple Store – to avoid any hiccups as your subscription is tied to this account.

Priced at just $10 weekly (depending on your region), our subscription offers unbeatable value, outshining all market alternatives. This now includes support for Apple Pay for iOS users, making payments even more convenient. Enjoy seamless block hunting with FlexRiders!

What are you waiting for?

Don’t miss out on the ultimate Amazon Flex driving experience! FlexRiders is here to simplify your life, help you secure more shifts, and give you the power to customize your schedule. Join thousands of satisfied drivers and take control of your Amazon Flex journey today. Download now and start enjoying the benefits!